Move-In/Out Cleaning

Move In Cleaning

Your first few days in your new house can be a whirlwind. Between signing paperwork and moving furniture, you may not have the time for a wall-to-wall cleaning. Instead of trying to get it all done yourself, our move in cleaning services will make your new place squeaky clean in no time at all.


Walk into a Clean Space

Gleem provides special move in cleaning services. We will clear out all the dust and dirt to make your new space feel brand new.


This specific type of detailed cleaning includes everything from high dusting to scrubbing the floors. We clean aggressively and meticulously so that you can feel the freshness of your place on day one.


Is there an area you think needs special attention? We will also follow your instructions to help you achieve exactly the results you are looking for.


Move Out Cleaning

After all the bags and boxes are out, the living spaces of a house, apartment or office usually need a deep cleaning. However, the homeowners, tenants or short-term renters who are leaving often don’t have the time for much more than giving it a quick broom. Instead of going crazy making the place spotless, consider the benefits of move out cleaning services.


The benefits of Professional Move Out Cleaning

The professional cleaners at Gleem can quickly make every inch of your space sparkle. With one appointment, you will be able to fulfill any requirements for making the living environment as clean as possible.

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