Our flat fee pricing is completely transparent with no surprises. Get a fast, no-obligation quote now or learn more below:

How we calculate

your flat price?

We don't price hourly. We don't add-on with hidden fees or separate charges for supplies, materials or equipment. Our price is a flat monthly fee.


How Gleem prices your

flat fee cleaning?

Have you ever had a cleaning only to have your cleaners update the invoice at the end of the job, adding more charges and leaving you with a strange feeling that something wasn't right about the experience?

Gleem is built to remove surprises and ensure your cleaning experience is a positive one - delivered on time, on budget and completed properly with cleaners that go the extra mile to support you.

Size of your space + amount of kitchens + amount of bathrooms * frequency of cleaning + special requests & complexities = Your Gleem Flat Fee.


Dangers of hourly fee

cleaning services

  • Doesn't consider the full size of your space
  • Doesn't take into account the number of kitchens in your space
  • Doesn't take into account the number of bathrooms in your space
  • May not bring enough equipment and cleaners to complete your cleaning
  • May not bring enough supplies and materials to complete your cleaning
  • Given the price isn't guaranteed, if more equipment, material or labor is required for your cleaning, the price may increase
  • Additional travel or parking expenses may be passed on to you such as tolls and tickets
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