Inclement Weather Policy


Most of our services are performed inside, however our team members must travel from location to location.


It is the policy of Gleem to remain open during most periods of inclement weather; however, where extraordinary circumstances warrant, due to weather or other unforeseen business interruption, we reserve the right to temporarily halt our services.


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Excessive heat
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Low visibility
  • Wet weather
  • Strong winds


Our obligation to our employees

As a company, we have an obligation and duty of care – both legally and morally – to keep our employees safe while working on our behalf. We take an employee-first approach to business and must always first consider worker safety.



Should there be any change to your appointment time, we will notify you of these changes via email.


With that said, our office should still remain open to answer any and all inquiries via call, email, etc.


If you have any questions on this policy, please reach out.

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