Gleem Cleans Hi-ARTS Gallery and Offices

Hi-ARTS is a leading organization within the urban arts movement who’s mission is to develop and produce new works of performance and visual arts; to provide a platform for artists; and to create educational and community programs that connect to and expand the audience for urban arts.

Hi-ARTS had been on the search for a commercial cleaning company to keep their gallery/studio space and offices clean on a regular basis. Hi-ARTS stumbled across Gleem and we were able to quickly provide them with the solution they were looking for. Hi-ARTS boasts a 2,500 square foot studio with private offices, a common entry area and a conference room.  They are an ideal customer of ours!

We really enjoy working with the team at Hi-ARTS and support their mission through keeping their space as clean as possible!

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at what Brittany, the general manager has to say:


(“Hi-ARTS has had the pleasure of working with Mike since February of this year. Simply put, he is EXCELLENT! He is extremely professional, communicative, and flexible when it comes to scheduling. He leaves our artist gallery space/offices very clean and fresh. He also works super fast which is ideal for us. As an artist space we want to ensure cleanliness for the people who use our space. Mike is the best person for the job! He has even introduced us to other teammates who are just as professional and thorough. I highly recommend this company for anyone in need of thorough and fast service! Thanks Mike & Gleem Team!”)


Thanks for the super kind words, Brittany!




Gleem is a locally-owned New York commercial cleaning company. With highly-trained, professional cleaners based in New York City, Gleem offers a high-quality and reliable cleaning service. Gleem is on a mission to provide high-quality professional cleaning and janitorial services for our valued clients. We work hard everyday to keep our clients’ space clean.

Inside the commercial cleaning offering at Gleem, we provide office cleaning, janitorial services, gallery cleaning, studio cleaning and much more!

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