Gleem Cleans Prism Veterinary Dentistry Hospital

Prism Veterinary Dentistry is an outpatient referral clinic focused exclusively on veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. They boast state-of-the-art equipment and imaging technology that make their advanced procedures possible. And those advanced procedures help them meet their goal of giving every patient a comfortable and functional mouth (free from oral pain). The team at Prism works closely with pet owners and referring veterinarians every step of the way to create a thorough treatment plan. Clients can expect a personalized experience, complete with short wait times and comfortable consultations rooms.

Gleem was tasked at doing a post construction clean for the Chelsea based veterinary dentistry practice. Gleem was able to quickly provide an affordable quote after doing a walk-through of the space and got the job done satisfactory for the client.

The space is a 4,000 square foot veterinarian practice.

We really enjoyed working with the team at Prism and support their mission of giving every patient a comfortable and functional mouth!


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