Gleem Cleans Retail Store Upper East Side

Gleem commercial cleaning service was tasked with the cleaning of a 2,500 square feet, high-end retail store on the Upper East Side. Gleem has performed retail store cleaning services for prominent brands such as Lululemon amongst others!

Some important aspects of retail store cleaning include a high-focus on the following areas:

  • all entrances and exits
  • checkout and service areas
  • main floor/store area
  • hallways and stairways
  • restrooms
  • backhouse and storerooms
  • changing rooms (if clothing store)
  • breakroom and/or kitchen

Some of our TODO items within these areas include:

  • declutter the area
  • sweep, mop and vacuum all floors
  • empty all trash
  • clean windows, window sills and all glass surfaces
  • disinfect and clean countertops, sinks, appliances, etc.
  • sanitize doors and door knobs/handles
  • sanitize light switches
  • dust all air vents
  • dust shelving, furniture and fixtures
  • spray and clean all mirrors
  • pick-up litter
  • gather misplaced merchandise (on floors or left in changing rooms) and store for retail staff
  • clean carpets, flooring and walls
  • clean entrance and exit glass

Aside from retail store cleaning, Gleem also offers office cleaning and janitorial services throughout the metro New York area. We pride ourselves on our boutique offering, custom service offering and unmatched customer service.

Our thesis for founding Gleem was to offer the highest-quality cleaning to our valued customers. We guarantee our customers’ satisfaction on our service we offer.

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